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Young Fire Fighters UK
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What We Are Taught As Young FireFighters



The Young Firefighters Association's aim is to:-

1. Recruit young people aged between 13-17 years of age.

2. Assist in the mental, physical and spiritual development of young people.

3. Develop qualities of leadership amongst members.

4. Promote the Fire Service and increase fire safety awareness.

5. Promote self discipline, social conscience, and community awareness.

6. Encourage young people who are keen to learn new skills.

7. Recruit young people who would enjoy belonging to a uniformed service.

8. Recruit young people who would like to learn about the Fire Service, its role and how

to prevent fires.

Additional Activities

1. Drug awareness and moral decision making.

2. Involvement in trust and team building.

3. Training and preparation for adventurous outdoor activities.

4. Attending Fire Service ceremonial occasions.

5. Attending Open Days and displaying the skills they have learnt.

6. Assisting Fire Service personnel at Fire Safety Awareness events.

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